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#BUCHEIMER NYC is inspired by the legacy of the J.M. Bucheimer Company from 1884. 

As the American manufacturer of original designs in leather goods, the J.M. Bucheimer Company produced leather goods for both personal and commercial use. In the first half of the 20th century, the J.M Bucheimer Company produced small leather goods, including the first ever chain wallet, also known as the Trucker Wallet. In the 1960's, the J.M Bucheimer Company was awarded the contract to produce the U.S. Post Office mail bag, the NYPD holster, and the NYPD saddle.


 Today at #BUCHEIMER NYC, we continue to honor a tradition of quality and craftsmanship. We manufacture our beautiful pieces in the USA and ITALY. We carefully select leathers that will last a lifetime from some of the oldest and most respected tanneries in the world.

#BUCHEIMER NYC also takes a step beyond the legacy by producing products suited for your modern needs, such interacting with your phone or protecting your electronics.


We invite you to explore the world of #BUCHEIMER NYC. Our pieces are investments that will last your life time. We guarantee it.

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